List of Tree Peonies



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Group 1: Moutans (Paeonia Suffruticosa)


Moutans are denoted by C for Chinese or J for Japanese Moutan.

Name Colour Size Form
Amakuda (J) Pink Large Semi-Double
Amazing Beauty (J) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
American Beauty (J) Purple Large Semi-Double
Asahi (Japanese) Red Large Semi-Double
Baby Face (J) Silver Pink Medium Semi-Double
Ballerina Tutu (J) Silver Pink Gigantic Light Semi-Double
Basil (J) White Large Light Semi-Double
Bifukumon (J) Purple Large Semi-Double
Birokumon (J) Purple Large Light Semi-Double
Bimyo (J) Purplish Red Large Semi-Double
Biwagyo (J) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Black Dragon (J) Dark Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Cardinal Red (J) Red Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Chobyaksan (J) white medium Light Semi-Double
Countess de Tudor Pink Large Double
Cui He Hua (Chinese) Lavender Medium Semi-Double
Dark Cloud (J) Dark Red Large Semi-Double
Daimaru (J) Pink Large Double
Daiyu (J) Tea Large Semi-Double
Doris Dream (J) White Medium Light Semi-Double
Echigojishi (J) Deep Pink Large Double
Eibutsu (J) Rose Pink Medium Semi-Double
Emperor of China (J) Dark Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Engunpo (J) Rose Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Er Qiao (C) Multi Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Ethereal Ever (J) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Etienne Mauve Large Double
Everlovely (J) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Fangyun white medium semi-double
Fatkow (J) Red medium semi-double
Fungan (J) Silver Pink Large Semi-Double
Fu-En Pink Medium Semi-Double
Funshoku (J) Pink Medium Light Semi-Double
Funtai (J) Pink Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Fushakkin (J) Pink Medium Light Semi-Double
Fusotsukasa (J) White Large Double
Gabisan (J) White Large Semi-Double
Geishun (J) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Genghis Khan (J) Pink Gigantic Semi-Double
Gessai (J) White Large Semi-Double
Ginryu (J) Silver Pink Large Semi-Double
Godaishu (J) White Large Heavy Semi-Double
Goshozakura (J) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Great Charmer (J) Rose Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Gunpoden (J) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
Gyoko (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Hakuojishi (J) White Large Heavy Semi-Double
Hamachidori (J) Silver Pink Large Light Semi-Double
Hanadaijin (J) Purple Gigantic Semi-Double
Hana Hokori (J) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Hanashogun (J) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
Heiki (J) Red Medium Semi-Double
Hinaka (J) Red Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Hinode Sekai (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Hobi (J) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Hodai (J) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Hong Lou Chun Hui (C) Pink Medium Double
Hyakukasen (J) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Isabel Mystery (J) Silver Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Kagayaki (J) Purplish Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Kahooh (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Kanari (J) Deep Pink Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Kansai Seidai (J) Silver Pink Large Light Semi-Double
Kao (J) Purplish Red Gigiantic Double
Kasen (J) Purplish Red Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Kazagumo (J) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
King Kuo Sic (J) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
King Sing Ying (J) Dark Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Kiseki (J) Pink Large Semi-double
Kitajishi (J) Deep Pink Large Semi-Double
Kojitsu (J) Purple Large Semi-Double
Komyo (J) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Kotsuya (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Kyoen (J) Red Large semi-double
Kyosei (J) Deep Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Lascelles (J) Deep Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Luoyang Hong (C) Purplish Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Mannen Tsubaki (J) Rose Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Mei Mei (J) Silver Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Meishoku (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Meitsuya (J) Rose Pink Large Semi-Double
Midsummer Dream (J) Dark Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Mikado (J) Rose Pink Large Semi-Double
Millennium Beauty (J) Rose Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Nigunpo (J) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
Nikko (J) Red Medium Semi-Double
Nisei Nishiki (J) Purplish Red Large Semi-Double
Noruguma (J) Dark Red Large Semi-Double
Odette Swan (J) White Medium Semi-Double
Odile Swan (J) Maroon Large Heavy Semi-Double
Orient (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Pink Dragon (J) Pink Gigantic Heavy Semi-Double
Pink Panther (J) Pink Large Semi-Double
Purple Dream (J) Purple Large Semi-Double
Purple Star (J) Purple Large Double
Rakudo (J) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Rare Beauty (J) Rose Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Red Dragon (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Red Dynasty (J) Red Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Red Sun (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Reigaku (J) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Renkaku (J) White Large Semi-Double
Rockingham (J) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
Ruby In Snow (J) White Medium Semi-Double
Sanran (J) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Sansan (J) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Sekka (J) Deep Pink Large Semi-Double
Sei Nishiki (J) Rose Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Seira (J) Rose Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Setfa (J) White Large Heavy Semi-Double
Shichi (J) Redish Purple Large Semi-Double
Shichifuku Gawa (J) Pink Large Semi-Double
Shifat (J) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Shifu (J) Purplish Red Medium Semi-Double
Shikinjo (J) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
Shimadai (J) Purplish Red Gigantic Heavy Semi-Double
Shima Daijin (J) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
Shimane Hakugan (J) White Large Semi-Double
Shimonika (J) Purple Large Semi-Double
Shinkagura (J) Purplish Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Shinkoku (J) Purplish Red Large Semi-Double
Shinseki (J) Purple Large semi-double
Shintenchi (J) Silver Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Shirasagi (J) White Medium Semi-Double
Shirocho (J) White Medium Semi-Double
Shiu (J) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
Shiyoden (J) Purplish Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Shocking Pink (J) Rose Pink Large Semi-Double
Shosei (J) Purplish Red Large Semi-Double
Shoyanden (J) Dark Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Shubi (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Shukujo (J) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Shummu (J) Dark Red Large Semi-Double
Sleeping Dragon (J) Dark Red Large Semi-Double
Soshum (J)  
Splendour (J) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Summer Sun (J) Dark Red Medium Semi-Double
Supernovae (J) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Suzakumon (J) Pink Gigantic Semi-Double
Taishono Hokori (J) Purple Large Semi-Double
Taishono Homari (J) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
Taiyo (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Tanpaku (J) Silver Pink Large Semi-Double
Tansai (J) Silver Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Tatsuma (J) Purplish Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Tei Onna (J) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Teni (J) White Large Semi-Double
Tenka Ippin (J) Red Large Semi-Double
Tenkamuso (J) Purple Gigantic Semi-Double
Tenko (J) Purplish Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Tennosei (J) Pink Gigantic Semi-Double
Tennyo (J) Rose Pink Large Semi-Double
Thunder Storm (J) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Tiananmon (J) Dark Red Large Semi-Double
Tornado (J) Dark Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Turandot (J) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Usugesho (J) Silver Pink Large Light Semi-Double
Vanguard (J) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Wedding Gown (J) Silver Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
White Cloud (J) Silver Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Yachiyo-tsubaki (J) Rose Pink Medium Semi-Double
Yaezakura (J) Rose Pink Large Semi-Double
Yasuyasu (J) Purple Large Semi-Double
Yatsukashi (J) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Ying Luo Bau Zhu (C) R.Pink Medium Double
Yokohama (J) Rose Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Yoku Toku (J) Dark Red Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Yu Lou Dian Cui (C) Silver Pink Medium Double
Zakura Sennyo (J) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Zhao Fen (C) Silver Pink Large Double

Group 2: Hybrid Tree Peonies

Hybrids are usually first generation with a half Moutan and a half Lutea, otherwise 9/16 M etc indicate more than a half Moutan. A,D,L,or S indicates Advanced generation, Daphnis, Lemoine or Saunders hybrid.

Name Colour Size Form
Abderam (A) Rose Red Large Semi-double
Actaeon (A, 9/16M) Rose Red Large Semi-double
Adalgisa (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Adelaide (A, 9/16M) Light Red Medium Semi-Double
Adelphi (A) Crimson Medium Light Semi-Double
Age of Gold (Saunders) Crimsom Medium Semi-Double
Akron (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Alabama (A) Purplish Red Large Semi-Double
Alaskaya (A,9/16M) Light Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Albany (A, 9/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Albright (A) R.Purple Medium Semi-Double
Alice Harding (Lemoine) ReddishYellow Large Double
Alice Springs (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Almaviva (A) Red Large Semi-double
Aloft Demetrius (A) Deep Pink Large Semi-Double
Amber Moon (S) Amber Mediun Light Semi-Double
Americain (A) Purple Mediun Semi-Double
Amneris (A, 5/8M) Peach/Orange Mediun Semi-Double
Amonasro (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Anna (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Angelina (A) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Apollo Bay (A) Light Red Medium Semi-double
Apricot Australis (A) Apricot Medium Semi-Double
Argosy (S) Yellow Small Light Semi-Double
Armidale (A, 9/16M) Mauve Medium Semi-double
Arnold (A, 29/32 M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Artemis (Daphnis) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Athol (A, 9/16 M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Atlanta (A, 17/32M) Multi Large Heavy Semi-Double
Audrey (A, 9/16M) Orange Mediun Semi-Double
August Moon (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Aurora Flare (A) ReddishYellow Medium Semi-Double
Avoca (A, 13/16M) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Azucena (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Bacus (A, 9/16M) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Baldwin (A) Light Red Large Semi-Double
Ballarat (A, 17/32M) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Barack (A, 13/16M) Dark Red Medium Semi-Double
Barbarina (A) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Barnabas (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Barrick (A, 17/32M) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-double
Bayadere (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Beaconsfield (A) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Beadell (A, 35/64M) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Beatrice (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Bendigo (A) Light Red Medium Semi-double
Berta (A, 5/8M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Bianca (A) Red Medium Semi-double
Black Panther (S) Maroon Medium Double
Black Pirate (S) Dark Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Blood Orange (A, 9/16M) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Boddington (A) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Boeing (A, 9/16M) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Boheme (A, 33/64M) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Boreas (D) Dark Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Boston (A,17/32M)) Purple Large Semi-double
Brahmin (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Brandy Lad (A,17/32M) Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Brassy Lady (A) Copper Medium Double
Caboolture (A,17/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Cadia (A,17/32M) Rose Red Medium Semi-double
Caesar (A, 21/32M) Peach/Orange Large Heavy Semi-Double
Cairns (A, 17/32M) Peach Medium Semi-double
Calaf (A,5/8M) Light Red Medium Semi-double
Calivil (A, 17/32M) Pink Medium Semi-double
Calliope (A) Rose Pink Medium Semi-Double
Camden Park (A) Peach Medium Semi-double
Camilla (A, 9/16M) Rose Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Canberra (A) Peach Large Semi-double
Candace (A, 17/32M) Multi Medium Semi-Double
Cardinia (A, 21/32M) Yellow Large Semi-double
Carlton (A, 37/64M) Light Red Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Carnarvon (A, 19/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Carnegie (A) R.Purple Medium Semi-Double
Caspar (A, 35/64M) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Catalpa (A, 9/16M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Catawba (A) Ivory Large Heavy Semi-Double
Catherine Orange Medium Semi-Double
Cecilia (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Charade (A) Mauve Medium Light Semi-Double
Charles (A, 9/16M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Chelsea (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Cherry Ripe (A, 13/16M) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Cherubino (A) Rose Red Medium Semi-double
Chicago (A, 9/16M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Chinese Dragon (S) Purplish Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Chinese Lion (A) Rose Pink Medium Light Semi-Double
Chromatella (L) ReddishYellow Large Double
Cinderella (A, 35/64M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Citadel (A, 5/8 M) Deep Pink Large Semi-Double
Clara's Fantasy (A, 9/16M) Peach Small Semi-Double
Clayton (A, 9/16M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Clementine Delight (A) Light Red Medium Semi-double
Cleopatra Charm (A,9/16M) Purple Large Semi-double
Clio (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Cloncurry (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Clorinda (A, 35/64M) Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Cobar (A, 9/16M) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Cockburn (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Colac (A, 21/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Colorado (A,5/8M) Red Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Colour Fantasia (A) Light Red Large Semi-double
Columbia (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Concordia (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Contessa (A, 9/16M) Rose Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Cooranbong (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Coppelia (A, 9/16M) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Cornell (A) Red Medium Semi Double
Cosair (S) Black Small Single
Count Danilo (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Cowra (A) Deep Pink Medium Semi-Double
Dadini (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Dahlen (A) Purple Medium Light Semi-Double
Dakota (A, 5/8M) Lilac Large Semi-Double
Dalila (A) Orange Large Heavy Semi-double
Dampier (A,9/16M)) Mauve Medium Light Semi-Double
Dandenong (A, 9/16M) ReddishYellow Medium Semi-Double
Daniel (A, 5/8M) Light Purple Medium Light Semi-Double
Darby (A, 17/32M) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Darebin (A, 9/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Darwin City (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Dasa (A, 19/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
David (A) Purple Large Semi-Double
Dawn (A, 3/4M) Purple Large Heavy Semi-double
Daylesford (A, 35/64M) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Denver (A) Purple Large Semi-Double
Derrick (A, 13/16M) Light Purple Medium Light Semi-Double
Desdemona (A, 17/32M) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Diana's Gold (A) Yellow Large Light Semi-Double
DoctorFledermaus (A, 9/16M) Dark Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Doldea (A,9/16M) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Dominion (A, 19/32M) Orange Large Semi-double
Donner (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Dreamtime (A) Mauve Medium Semi-double
Dubbo (A, 17/32M) Purple Medium Light Semi-Double
Dulcinea (A, 17/32M) Light Red Medium Semi-double
Echuca (A, 9/16M) ReddishPurple Medium Semi-Double
Edgar (A, 17/32M) Light Purple Medium Semi-Double
Edmund (A) Light Purple Medium Semi-Double
Elon (A, 9/16M) ReddishYellow Medium Semi-Double
Emerald (A) Light Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Emma (A, 9/16M) Multi Medium Semi-Double
Emory (A) Rose Red Medium Semi-double
Emporia (A) Multi Large Semi-Double
Erda (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Eric (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Eros (A, 9/16M) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Erskine (A) Purple Small Light Semi-Double
Escamillo (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Eternal Grace (A) Red Large Semi-Double
Eugen (A, 9/16M) Purple Small Light Semi-Double
Eugowra (A) Red Medium Semi-double
Eurydice (A, 9/16M) Orange Medium Semi-double
Euterpe (A) Purple Large Semi-Double
Exotic Rosalinda (A) Multi Large Semi-Double
Fafner (A, 17/32M) Light Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Fairley (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Fasolt (A, 3/4M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Felix (A) Multi Large Semi-Double
Figaro(A) Mauve Medium Semi-Double
Firebird (A, 17/32M) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Flagstaff (A, 9/16M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Florestan (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Florida (A) Red Large Semi-Double
Flower General (A, 13/16M) Red Large semi-double
Flying Fox (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Flying Kangaroo (A) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Francoise (F2, 3/4M) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Frasquita (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Frederick (A, 17/32M) Light Red Medium Semi-Double
Freia (A) Peach Large Heavy Semi-double
Fricka (A) Red Large Semi-Double
Froh (A) Light Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Full House (A) ReddishYellow Medium Semi-Double
Gabriel (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Galaquil (A, 33/64M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Gamache (A, 33/64M) Red Large semi-double
Gambier (A, 5/8M) ReddishYellow Medium Semi-Double
Gamzatti (A) Red Large semi-double
Gannawarra (A, 17/32M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Garden Treasure (I-Hybrid) Yellow Large Semi-Double
Gaugin (D) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Gawaba (A, 9/16M) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Genevieve (A, 9/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Gilda (A, 25/32M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Giselle (A, 13/16M) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Gold Road (A, 17/32M) Yellow Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Gold Sovereign (S) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Golden Endeavour (I-Hybrid) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Golden Fairy (I-Hybrid) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Golden Harmony (A) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Golden Hind (S) Yellow Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Golden Idol (A, 5/8M) Yellow Large Semi-Double
Golden Thunder (S) Yellow /White Medium Light Semi-Double
Gonzaga (A) Red Large Semi-Double
Good Hope (A, 9/16M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Good Lady (A) Lavender Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Giulietta’s Eyes (A,9/16M) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Granada (S) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Great Emperor (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-double
Grimwale (A, 25/32M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Gulnara (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Gypsy Baron (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Gypsy Singer (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Gypsy Queen (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Hamilton (A, 5/8M) ReddishYellow Medium Semi-Double
Hannah (A,17/32M) Deep Red Medium Semi-Double
Harlequin (A, 35/64M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Harley (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Harpsichord (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Hawaii Hype (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Helena (A, 9/16M) Multi Large Semi-Double
Herald (A, 9/16M) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Hermia (A, 9/16M) Cream Medium Semi-Double
Higgins (A,17/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Highgate (A, 13/16M) Pink Medium Semi-double
Hilarion (A, 33/64M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Hyppolyta (A, 9/16M) ReddishYellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Hopewell (A, 9/16M) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Hume (A, 13/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Hungarian Countess (A) Deep Pink Large Semi-Double
Idaho (A, 5/8M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Iguana (A, 35/64M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Illawala (A, 5/8M) Light Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Incas (A) Yellow Large Semi-double
Infanta Victoria (A, 9/16M) Purple Large Semi-double
Iowa (A) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Ivanhoe (A, 13/16M) Orange Medium Semi-double
Jacqueline (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Jallukar (A, 35/64M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Jamieson (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-double
Jingemia (A,9/16M) Golden Yellow Large Semi-double
Jintan (A) Multi Medium Light Semi-Double
Joondalup (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Juliet (A, 9/16M) Rose Pink Large Semi-Double
Juniatta (A, 9/16M) ReddishYellow Medium Semi-Double
Kadina (A) Multi Gigantic Heavy Semi-Double
Kagara (A) Orange Medium Semi-double
Kalgoolie (A) Yellow Large Semi-double
Kalkallo (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Kansas Orange (A) Orange Medium Light Semi-Double
Katrina (A, 5/8M) Multi Medium Semi-Double
Katusa (A, 9/16M) Purplish Red Medium Semi-Double
Kenka (A) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Kensington (A, 17/32M) Orange Gigantic Heavy Semi-Double
Kezia (A) Mauve Medium Light Semi-Double
King Oberon (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
King's Vintage (A, 9/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Kitri (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Lankedem (A, 35/64M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Larina (A) Peach Large Heavy Semi-Double
Late Valencia (A) Peach Orange Medium Semi-double
Launceston (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Laura (A,13/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Leah Peach Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Leda (D,BC3, 3/4M) Deep Pink Medium Light Semi-Double
Leila (A) Dark Red Medium Semi-Double
L'Esperance (L) ReddishYellow Medium Single
Lelawala (A) Purple Medium Semi-double
Leonora (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Lescaut (A, 17/32M) Light Red Medium Semi-Double
Letitia (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Lihir (A) Yellow Large Semi-double
Lincolor Peach Medium Semi-Double
Loge (A, 9/16M) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Longreach (A,9/16M) Golden Yellow Large Semi-double
Loras (A, 9/16M) Red Mediun Semi-Double
Lord Mayor (A, 13/16M) Red Medium Light Semi-double
Lorenzo (A, 41/64M) Red Mediun Semi-Double
Loyola (A) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Loys (A, 9/16M) Light Red Medium Semi-double
Lysander (A, 9/16M) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Mabel (A, 17/32M) Red Large Semi-Double
Mackay (A, 9/16M) Light Red Medium Semi-Double
McKenna’s Gold (A) Yellow Large Semi-Double
Maddalena (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Maitland (A, 17/32M) Red Gigantic Heavy Semi-Double
Mallee (A) Mauve Medium Semi-Double
Mamion (A,17/32M) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Mandalong (A) Purple Medium Semi-double
Mandarin Delight (A) Peach Orange Medium Semi-double
Mandy (A) Purple Medium Semi-double
Manitowoc Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Manningham (A) Multi Medium Semi-double
Manon (A, 5/8M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Manrico (A) RedishYellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Marcellina (A, 17/32M) Rose Red Large Semi-Double
Marchioness (S) Tea Rose Small Light Semi-Double
Marianna (A, 17/32M) Rose Red Large Semi-double
Marina (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Maribyrnong (A, 9/16M) Light Pink Large Semi-Double
Marietta (A) Cream Medium Semi-Double
Maritana Gold (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Marquis Renard (A) Multi Large Heavy Semi-Double
Maryborough (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Mascot (A) Orange Large Light Semi-Double
Matilda (A, 19/32M) Light Purple Medium Semi-Double
Maximaxine (A, 5/8M) ReddishYellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Medora (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Medusa (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Meekatharra (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Melbourne (A) Light Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Melpomene (A, 9/16M) Rose Pink Medium Light Semi-Double
Melton (A) Multi Medium Semi-Double
Memphis (A, 17/32M) Yellowish Red Large Semi-Double
Mercedes' Mystery (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Mildura (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Millennium Gold (A,5/8M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Mimi (A, 9/16M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Minneala (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Mirabella (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Montana (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Moon Goddess (A, 13/16M) Red Large semi-double
Moon River (A, 17/32M) Orange Large Heavy Semi-Double
Murcott (A) Peach Medium Semi-double
Murray (A, 17/32M) Red Large Semi-Double
Musetta (A, 17/32M) Light Red Medium Semi-Double
My Brandy (A) Wine Large Light Semi-Double
My Fair Lady (A, 17/32M) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Myrtha (A,17/32M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Mysia (A, 9/16M) Apricot Medium Semi-Double
Nahum (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Nasa (A, 9/16M) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Nathaniel (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Navel Orange (A) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Nebraska (A. 9/16M) Amber/Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Nevada (A) ReddishPurple Medium Light Semi-Double
Newcrest (A) Yellow Large Semi-double
Nicholas (A, 11/16M) Light Red Large Semi-Double
Nicklaus (A,5/8M) Golden Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Nikiya (A, 5/8M) Deep Pink Medium Semi-Double
Noah (A, 25/32M) ReddishPurple Large Light Semi-Double
Noel (A, 17/32M) Red Large Semi-Double
Normalin (A, 9/16M) Purple Large Semi-Double
Norseman (A, 9/16M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Northern Star (A, 33/64M) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Nubula Star (A,17/32M) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Oakleigh (A, 49/64M) Purple Large Heavy Semi-Double
Oberlin (A) Peach Medium Light Semi-Double
Oklahoma (A, 19/32M) Rose Pink Medium Semi-Double
Olangalah (A, 17/32M) Light Red Medium Semi-Double
Olga (A, 37/64M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Oliver Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Olympia’s Song (A,9/16M) Purple Large Semi-Double
Omaha (A, 5/8M) Deep Pink Medium Semi-Double
Ondine (A) Cream Medium Light Semi-Double
Onslow (A) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Orion (A, 9/16M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Orpheus (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Oscar (A, 17/32M) Light Red Large Semi-Double
Oswald (A, 9/16M) Multi Medium Semi-Double
Otello (A, 5/8M) Deep Purple Large Semi-double
Ottokar (A) Pink Medium Light Semi-Double
Pacifica (A, 5/8M) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Pamela (A, 17/32M) Rose Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Paquita (A,17/32M) Peach Large Heavy Semi-Double
Parramatta (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Patrick (A) Red Large Semi-Double
Percy (A, 9/16M) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Perseus (A) Yellow Large Semi-Double
Percival (A, 41/64M) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Pasadena (A) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Peach Festival (A) Peach Mediun Semi-Double
Philadelphia (A,5/8M) Golden Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Phoenix (A, 5/8M) Rose Pink Medium Semi-Double
Phillip (A, 9/16M) Multi Medium Semi-Double
Pink Fairy (I-Hybrid) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Placer Dome (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Polyhymnia (A, 9/16M) Purplish Red Medium Semi-Double
Poseidon (A, 9/16M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Pomona (A) Lilac Medium Heavy Semi-Double
Prairie (A, 9/16M) Peach/Orange Medium Semi-Double
Prince Desire (A, 9/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Prince William (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Princess (S) Lilac Small Light Semi-Double
Princess Aurora (A) Rose Pink Large Semi-Double
Principia (A, 9/16M) Rose Pink Medium Semi-Double
Puck (A) Peach Small Light Semi-Double
Pucka Punyal (A, 13/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Pure Gold (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
PurpleChancellor (A, 13/16M) Purple Large Heavy Semi-double
Purple Diva (A, 13/16M) Purple Medium Semi-double
Purple Dragon (A, 13/16M) ReddishPurple Large Semi-double
Purple Dynasty (A, 13/16M) Purple Large Heavy Semi-double
Purple Infante (A, 13/16M) Purple Large Semi-Double
Purple King (A, 5/8M) Purple Gigantic Heavy Semi-Double
Purple Moon (A, 13/16M) Purple Large Semi-double
Purple Palace (A, 29/32M) Purple Large Heavy Semi-double
Purple Premier (A, 13/16M) Purple Large Heavy Semi-double
Purple Princess (A, 13/16M) Purple Large Semi-double
Pyalong (A, 13/16M) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Queen Titania (A, 9/16M) Deep Pink Gigantic Heavy Semi-Double
Queensberry (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Radames (A, 5/8M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Raglan (A, 9/16M) Mauve Medium Semi-Double
Rajah (A, 9/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Ramelius (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Ramiro (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Randwick (A) Light Red Large Semi-Double
Range (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Rangiora (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Raymonda (A, 9/16M) Mauve Medium Light Semi-Double
Red Baron (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Red Kingdom (A) Red Large semi-double
Reginald (A, 17/32M) ReddishPurple Large Semi-Double
Renown (S) Copper Small Light Semi-Double
Resolute (A) Yellow Large Semi-double
Rex (A, 17/32M) Pink Large Heavy Semi-double
Richard (A, 21/32M) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Rockhampton (A, 9/16M) Deep Pink Medium Light Semi-Double
Rodolfo (A, 17/32M) Red Large Semi-double
Roman Gold (S) Yellow Small Single
Romeo (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Rosamount (A) Rose Red Large Semi-double
Rosanna (A) Red Large Semi-double
Rosary (A) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Rosebud (A) Light Red Medium Semi-Double
Rosehill (A, 17/32M) Red Large Semi-double
Rosella Selection (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Rosina (A) Purple Large Light Semi-Double
Rudolph (A, 35/64) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Russian Prince (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-double
Sabrina (A) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Sadace (A, 9/16M) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Saffi (A, 9/16M) Purplish Red Medium Semi-Double
Saffron (A, 43/64M) Light Purple Medium Semi-Double
Salisbury (A, 9/16M) Deep Red Medium Semi-double
Salome (A, 17/32M) Red Large Semi-Double
Samaria (A, 33/64M) Red Medium Semi-double
Samson (A) Red Large Semi-Double
Sarasen (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Sebastian (A, 17/32M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Seidl #35 (A) Red Mediun Semi-Double
Seidl #45 (A) Lilac Medium Light Semi-Double
Seidl #205 (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Seidl #207 (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Senta (A, 17/32M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Serena Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Shoalhaven (A, 17/32M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Sleeping Beauty (A, 41/64M) Multi Medium Semi-Double
Solor (A) Mauve Medium Light Semi-Double
South Dakota (A, 9/16M) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Southern Aurora (A) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Southern Cross (A) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Southern Star (A, 33/64M) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Souvenir de Maxime Cornu (L) ReddishYellow Large Double
SpaceChallenger (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Spirit of Progress (A, 17/32M) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Stawell (A) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Stirling (A, 13/16M) ReddishPurple Medium Light Semi-Double
Sugar Plum Fairy (A) Peach Large Semi-double
Sunburst Delight (A, 9/16M) Rose Red Large Semi-double
Sunbury (A, 21/32M) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Sundancer (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Sunkist Delight (A) Orange Large Semi-Double
Sunny Brisbane (A) Orange Large Heavy Semi-double
Sunworshipper (A,17/32M) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Susanna (A,17/32M) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Swanilda (A, 9/16M) Peach Medium Light Semi-Double
Sydney (A) Red Large Semi-Double
Swanpool (A, 57/64M) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Sylvia (A, 35/64M) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Tabbara (A, 9/16M) Light Purple Medium Semi-Double
Tabith (A, 13/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Tacoma (A) Red Medium Semi-Double
Taggerty (A, 57/64M) Red Large Heavy Semi-double
Talgarno (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Tamara (A, 33/64M) Pink Large Double
Taminick (A, 21/32M) Apricot Medium Semi-Double
Tampa (A) Red Medium Double
Tamworth (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-double
Tanami (A) Red Medium Semi-double
Tangelo (A) Orange Medium Semi-double
Taree (A) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Tarkio (A, 5/8M) Deep Pink Medium Semi-Double
Tarmoola (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Telford (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-double
Tennessee (A, 9/16M) Orange Medium Semi-double
Tentam (A, 25/32M) Red Large Semi-double
Teranga (A, 13/16M) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Thebes (A, 9/16M) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Theodore (A, 9/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Theseus (A) Deep Pink Large Semi-Double
Thisbe (A, 29/32M) Red Large Semi-double
Thomas (A, 17/32M) Multi Medium Semi-double
Thunder Bolt (S) Crimson Medium Single
Timbarra (A, 41/64M) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-double
Timur (A) Red Medium Light Semi-Double
Toguraci (A) Yellow Medium Semi-Double
Tony's Tone (A, 13/16M) Purple Large Heavy Semi-double
Toowoomba (A) Peach/Orange Large Semi-Double
Torquay (A) Orange Medium Semi-double
Tricotee (A, 17/32M) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Tristan (A, 17/32M) Purple Medium Semi-double
Tropicana Gold (A, 9/16M) Yellow Large Semi-double
Troubadour (A) ReddishYellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Troy (A) Yellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Tulsa (A, 5/8M) Lavender Medium Semi-Double
Tulum (A, 35/64M) Red Medium Semi-double
Tybalt (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Tynong (A, 29/32M) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Ullina (A, 29/32M) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-double
Ultima (A) Deep Red Medium Semi-Double
Ulupna (A, 35/64M) Deep Purple Medium Semi-Double
Uluru (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Ulysses (A, 43/64M) Red Large Semi-double
Una (A) Multi Medium Semi-double
Upper Nariel (A, 43/64M) Multi Medium Semi-double
Upsala (A) ReddishPurple Medium Semi-Double
Upton (A, 17/32M) Light Red Medium Semi-Double
Upwey (A, 43/64M) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-double
Uraria (A) Multi Medium Semi-double
Ursula (A, 43/64M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Utopia (A, 9/16M) Purple Medium Semi-double
Valaria Red Large Semi-double
Valencia Delight (A) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Valentine (A, 13/16M) Peach Medium Semi-Double
Valiant (A, 13/16M) Light Peach Medium Semi-Double
Valletta (A, 9/16M) Deep Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Vanessa (A) Orange Large Heavy Semi-double
Vasey (A, 17/32M) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Vasser (A) ReddishYellow Medium Light Semi-Double
Venice (A, 9/16M) Multi Medium Semi-Double
Vermont (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Veronica Multi Medium Semi-double
Vesuvian (S) Dark Red Medium Double
Victor Purplish Red Medium Semi-double
Victoria (A, 33/64M) Reddish Yellow Medium Semi-double
Villanova (A) Purple Medium Light Semi-Double
Viola (A, 9/16M) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Virginia (A, 19/32M) Purplish Red Medium Semi-double
Vivienna Light Red Medium Semi-double
Wagga (A, 17/32M) Light Purple Medium Semi-double
Wahala (A) Yellowish Red Medium Semi-double
Waiman (A,19/32M) Red Medium Semi-double
Walla (A, 5/8M) ReddishYellow Medium Semi-Double
Wallace (A, 17/32M) Deep Red Medium Semi-double
Wangaratta (A) Purple Medium Semi-double
Warwick Farm (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Waverley (A) Peach/Orange Medium Semi-Double
Weipa (A) Deep Red Medium Semi-double
Werra (A) Purple Medium Light Semi-Double
Whyalla (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Wichita (A, 5/8M) Cream Medium Light Semi-Double
Wildalla (A) Purple Medium Light Semi-Double
Wilfred (A, 13/16M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Wimmera (A, 17/32M) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Windimurra (A, 17/32M) Orange Large Semi-Double
Winifred (A, 19/32M) Purplish Red Medium Semi-double
WisconsinWiseman (A, 9/16M) Pink Large Heavy Semi-Double
Witchmount (A, 19/32M) Light Red Large Semi-Double
Woiora (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Wollongong (A) Pink Medium Semi-Double
Wotan (A, 17/32M) Orange Large Heavy Semi-Double
Wy Yung (A) Yellow Large Semi-Double
Wyndham (A, 9/16M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Wyperfeld (A, 35/64M) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Wyuna (A, 9/16M) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Xenia (A, 9/16M) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Xanthus (A) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Yale (A) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Yamarna (A) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Yan Yean (A, 41/64)) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Yangtse Sunset (A, 9/16M) Red Large Semi-Double
Yarra (A, 19/32M) Purplish Red Medium Semi-double
Yellow Crown (Intersectional) Yellow Medium Semi-double
Yeppoon (A, 17/32M) Mauve Medium Semi-double
Yinnar (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-double
Yuroke (A, 9/16M) Orange Medium Semi-Double
Zachary (A) Purple Medium Semi-Double
Zealandia (A, 17/32M) Red Large Heavy Semi-Double
Zebedeo (A, 17/32M) Red Medium Semi-Double
Zeerust (A,15/32M) Purple Medium Semi-double
Zephyrus (D, F3, 3/4M) Lavender Large Heavy Semi-Double
Zig Zag (A, 37/64M) Yellow Large Heavy Semi-Double
Zodiac (A, 17/32M) Purple Medium Semi-double
Zoe (A) Purple Small Light Semi-Double
Zuniga (A, 9/16M) Red Medium Semi-Double

Price Guide For Own-Root Tree Peonies

Grading is classified from 3 to 8 for pricing. The price is also based on the size of the root system, i.e. pot size. For example: A 'Black Panther/g3' is grade 3, and if it is in a 300mm pot it is $60.
(All prices are in Australian Dollars)

Pot Size (mm) 200 255 300 330 350 375 400 430 450
Grading (1X) (1.5X) (2X) (2.5X) (3X) (3.5X) (4X) (4.5X) (5X)
3 $30 $45 $60 $75 $90 $105 $120 $135 $150
4 $40 $60 $80 $100 $120 $140 $160 $180 $200
5 $50 $75 $100 $125 $150 $175 $200 $225 $250
6 $60 $90 $120 $150 $180 $210 $245 $270 $300
7 $70 $105 $140 $175 $210 $245 $280 $315 $350
8 $80 $120 $160 $200 $245 $280 $320 $360 $400